When A Husband Lies

2017-06-16T16:10:07-04:00By |Faith+Life|

Over the years I have spoken with many women who have been lied to in one form or another by their husbands. Ironically, in every instance, the husband seemed clueless as to the effect of his lie on his wife and his marriage. To him, his lie was no big deal; […]

Divorcing Divorce

2017-05-23T21:15:21-04:00By |Faith+Life|

God hates divorce. He also hates the causes that lead to divorce. Which does He hate more? Prioritizing a result over a cause seems to me to be out of character for a God who has gone through the trouble of establishing a reputation of looking at the intents of the heart. Divorce is […]

Do Your Dreams

2017-05-23T21:45:42-04:00By |Faith+Life|

What are you going to do about your dreams this year? Are you hesitating instead of moving forward in the pursuit of your dreams? Hesitation happens when you allow your mind to overrule what your spirit already knows, and “later” is a dream killer.

I remember an instance when I was sitting in my car […]

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