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A wonderful and intimate look into the reality of everyone’s heart’s desire – fulfillment. Quite often, we don’t know that what we are searching for is within us. Consequently, we look for fulfillment in all the wrong places and end up with a greater void than before our quest began. This book will challenge, confront, and then provoke change in the heart of every reader – IF – the reader avails him/herself to the process of transformation. This book will make you better or bitter – the choice is yours. Thank you for your courage to share your pain. An even greater “thank you” for your willingness to share what your pain produced. — V.J.


This book is amazing and I learned so much! Reading it again immediately! — M. Taylor


It’s not only for married couples but I recommend this for those who are considering marriage or a serious relationship as a way to prevent mistakes that many couples encounter. — Amazon.com Review


My husband starting reading this book and over the time that he read the book, I saw a transformation in how he thought about me and our child. It is amazing how these words helped him see some things that we had discussed at length before. It is truly a God-spoken work of art. After he started reading, I would sneak and read sections myself, which helped me be a better wife to my now better husband. It was a blessing to our family and our marriage. Through it, we have become stronger, closer, and more centered on the task that God has for each of us to accomplish in our home and in the world. — Amazon.com Review