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Love you.

Love you. No, I don’t mean that expression from me to you but from me to me. Because I see that sometimes I’m the one who has to read between the lines and see what’s really written there. It may not always come from the outside… those affirming words that speak life to my spirit, soul, and body. I may not find them on the lips and in the eyes of those around me. So I have no choice but to take a good hard look at myself–the ins and outs of myself; the highs and lows of myself–and echo what Spirit speaks to my spirit: love you.

“Love … yourself.” – Matthew 22:39


When A Husband Lies

Over the years I have spoken with many women who have been lied to in one form or another by their husbands. Ironically, in every instance, the husband seemed clueless as to the effect of his lie on his wife and his marriage. To him, his lie was no big deal; but to her, that same lie left her feeling devastated and wondering whether or not she wanted to continue in the marriage. Is lying a big deal? Let’s see.

The Lie.
The most obvious meaning of a lie is something that is not true: a false statement deliberately presented as being true. But a lie is not so simplistic. It penetrates to a level deeper than simple falsehood. To lie is to breach the confidence […]