When A Husband Lies

2017-06-16T16:10:07-04:00By |Faith+Life|

Over the years I have spoken with many women who have been lied to in one form or another by their husbands. Ironically, in every instance, the husband seemed clueless as to the effect of his lie on his wife and his marriage. To him, his lie was no big deal; […]

Mother Issues

2017-05-23T21:10:29-04:00By |Faith+Life|

Loving. Considerate. Encouraging. Supportive. Positive. Affirming. Affectionate. Giving. Concerned about others. Trusting. Unselfish. Thankful. Forgiving. Nice. Peaceful. If these are not words you would use to describe your mother, this article is primarily for you. The reality is that there are some with mothers of whom such descriptions are just not true. I’ve met people […]