This book changed my life again!


A wonderful and intimate look into the reality of everyone's heart's desire - fulfillment. Quite often, we don't know that what we are searching for is within us. Consequently, we look for fulfillment in all the wrong places and end up with a greater void than before our quest began. This book will challenge, [...]

This book was life changing for me


A Must Read for Every Christian Woman Seeking a Mate! I read this book in approximately a week! It was so life changing for me and chapter 1 "Red Flags" really made me think. I especially received a tremendous spiritual breakthrough from the bondage of thinking as a divorced woman I could not marry [...]

Every man/husband must own a copy


Every man should have a copy of this wisdom! Every man/husband must own a copy of Cheer Up Your Wife. I have read this very informative and motivational tool at least four times! My marriage was not in a terrible place but this book shows you the "little things" that many men overlook concerning their marriage/relationships and we [...]

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