Rhino Faith


Rhino Faith: 365 Truths to Charge Ahead in Your Faith Faith always works. If it didn't work, it wasn't faith. Rhino Faith moves you away from “anemic” faith that is weak and tires easily to an aggressive faith that charges ahead, overcomes every obstacle, and brings fulfillment to the desires of your heart. [...]

This book changed my life again!


A wonderful and intimate look into the reality of everyone's heart's desire - fulfillment. Quite often, we don't know that what we are searching for is within us. Consequently, we look for fulfillment in all the wrong places and end up with a greater void than before our quest began. This book will challenge, [...]

This book was life changing for me


A Must Read for Every Christian Woman Seeking a Mate! I read this book in approximately a week! It was so life changing for me and chapter 1 "Red Flags" really made me think. I especially received a tremendous spiritual breakthrough from the bondage of thinking as a divorced woman I could not marry [...]

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