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Sharpen Your Ax: The Intercessor’s Guide to Avoiding Burnout

You’re called to be an intercessor. You know it deep down in your knower. You love God and faithfully pray for the needs of others. You’re not giving up on your calling, but you feel like you need a break.

If prayer has become routine and feels like a burden rather than a blessing, that’s a sign you need to refresh and refocus. Sharpen Your Ax: The Intercessor’s Guide to Avoiding Burnout will show you:

 What your “prayer ax” is and how to keep it sharp to prevent burnout
How to make your prayer life focused, restful and guilt-free
Why and how to say ‘No’ to prayer requests when you need to
How to establish boundaries that will keep you and your prayer life out of a casket

Sharpen Your Ax is a call to action for you, God’s intercessor. It’s His answer to your heart’s cry about your ministry of intercession. It gives you divine strategies to restore balance, focus and joy to your prayer life.

Get the wisdom that brings success to your ministry of intercession. Refresh yourself and your prayer life so that you don’t get worn out doing what you love.

“If the ax is dull, and one does not sharpen the edge, then he must use more strength; but wisdom brings success.” ―Ecclesiastes 10:10