Love you.

Love you. No, I don’t mean that expression from me to you but from me to me. Because I see that sometimes I’m the one who has to read between the lines and see what’s really written there. It may not always come from the outside… those affirming words that speak life to my spirit, soul, and body. I may not find them on the lips and in the eyes of those around me. So I have no choice but to take a good hard look at myself–the ins and outs of myself; the highs and lows of myself–and echo what Spirit speaks to my spirit: love you.

“Love … yourself.” – Matthew 22:39


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When A Husband Lies

Time does not heal all wounds. As a matter of fact, depending on the nature and/or severity of the wound, time alone can cause a wound to worsen. Over time, what may appear to be a superficial wound can become infected and lead to death if it is not properly treated. A lie may appear superficial, but it can have devastating consequences in a relationship, especially in marriage, but it does not have to mean the destruction or end of the relationship or you if you respond swiftly and appropriately.

If you have been wounded because of a lie or any other form of betrayal, you have cause to be hurt and you have a right to say ‘ouch!’ To be denied that right or to repress the expression of the […]